Majority of the World Believes China Responded to COVID-19 Better than the US

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, an international survey reveals only three of fifty-three countries believe that the United States’ response to the coronavirus has been more effective than China’s. German polling organization Dalia Research and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation surveyed the opinions of 120,000 people throughout fifty-three countries, finding the global perception toward China’s handling of the outbreak to be almost-unanimously greater than the US.

Only people in South Korea, Taiwan—and the United States itself—believe that the US responded to the COVID-19 pandemic better than China. In fact, only one-third of the people surveyed agree that the United States responded well to the coronavirus outbreak at all, compared to the over-60% who believe China responded well.

Donald Trump’s global unpopularity is further reflected in the survey—only one-third of Europeans believe that the US positively reinforces global democracy, compared to the 50% who believe the United States has negatively impacted the development of democracy throughout the world.

The survey coincides with major conversations on the future of democracy between the European Union and the United States. As ideological friction between the United States and China increases, EU Minister for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell has said, “Amid US-China tensions as the main axis of global politics, the pressure to ‘choose sides’ is increasing. We as Europeans have to do it ‘my way,’ with all the challenges this brings.”

Read the full report here:

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