U.S. Views of China became more negative during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Republicans view China in a more negative way than Democrats, while unfavorable ratings have elevated among both parties. 

Since President Donald Trump had inaugurated in 2017, his actions on US-China has included putting pressure on tariff and trade war. In today’s situation with the unprecedented pandemic happening, both sides are posting defamations. In the U.S., the negative opinions toward China continued to grow.  

According to a new Pew Research Center survey of Americans’ view of China underwent in March, approximately 2/3 said they have an unfavorable view of China, which is the most negative rating since 2005.

The key concerns for the American public are economic factors, job losses, and the trade deficit, which stays along with other issues such as environmental degradation. 

It can be a partisan story in some point. Republicans view China in a more negative way compared with democrats. 

Unexpectedly, the continually deteriorating spread of COVID-19 doesn’t make a big difference in U.S. people’s attitudes towards China. Between the starting stage of spread and wider outbreak, the attitude didn’t change significantly. But overall, the views of China shifted to negative further in 2020, building on the negativity generated in the past two years. 

The survey also revealed that the opinion towards China varied among demographic groups. The older groups were more likely to have unfavorable views. But this year it is the first time when more than 50% of young Americans have an unfavorable view of China. 

In addition, the survey presented that more people are viewing China as a almajor threat to U.S. and less people viewing China as a minor threat. 

What American most concerned about China was their impact on the global environment and cyberattacks. The trade deficit actually came after those concerns. There was an increase in those concerns in recent years, while there was a decrease in worrying about trade deficits and the loss of U.S. jobs to China. 

The survey has also found out that Republicans tend to regard economic issues with China as a very serious problem than Democrats.

The survey has also found other trends, including U.S.’s perception on viewing U.S. as a leading economy and world leader. 

Link to original research: https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2020/04/21/u-s-views-of-china-increasingly-negative-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/#fnref-47198-1

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