China’s Investment in Africa Will Not Appease the Anger of African People

The discrimination towards Africans in Guangzhou created anger among Africans that was unprecedented. 

From an article by the Diplomat, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed us both the best and worst in humanity.

On one side, China donated an enormous amount of medical equipment to Africa. But on the other side, information about suspected COVID-19 patients being evicted from hotels and restaurant not allowing black people to enter are also prevalent on the Internet. 

The incident received fast responses from Chinese authorities, including mention China’s zero-tolerance towards discrimination and work with the local authority to improve their work method. And this response was accepted by African authorities. 

But for the general African public, the widespread scenes on social media from Guangzhou created unprecedented anger. 

For the African government, their voice was careful diplomacy. This is because China is Africa’s largest single creditor nation. Also, there are strong economic and business ties between China and many African countries. 

China likes to describe their relations with African countries with “win-win”, but for those who are maltreated in Guangzhou and didn’t receive enough support from their home countries, there are no winners.

Beijing needs to take action to keep the promise on zero-tolerance of discrimination. They need to change their way of engagement with Africans, both in China and Africa.

For Africa’s leaders, they may believe their silence can protect their countries’ economic interests, but what they revealed is the shortcomings in the relationship between China and African countries. 

Link to the original article:

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