Americans are Less Willing to Buy Made-in-China Products

New poll shows that 40% of US consumers won’t buy Made-in-China product

A survey made by done by Washington-based FTI consulting revealed the fact that approximately 40% of Americans said they wouldn’t buy products from China.

from Bloombery

This survey also compared that 22% won’t buy Indian products, 17% won’t buy Mexican products, and 12% won’t buy European products.

The survey also includes content about China and the US’s trade war and their detailed perception of products Made-In-China.

There is a shocking fact that 66% claimed that they favor raising import restrictions than free-trade.
After two years’ trade war and COVID-19 pandemic, it is not surprising to see the US’s public opinion about the country’s main economic rival.

The expert pointed out that as the election is getting closer and candidates competing over each other, they may compete on their stance toward China.

Trump even claimed that “we could cut off the whole relationship.” But China’s response showed their indifference joining such contest.

Trump’s claim reminded people about his idea to bring US companies back to the US from China.

The survey from FTI pointed out that 86% of respondents believed that the companies in the US rely too heavily on the foreign supply chain.

But for most US companies in China, leaving China is not feasible. However, among them, fewer people are now believing the US and China’s economy won’t decouple.

The turn in the relationship is abrupt since it usually takes a lot to change American’s opinions about foreign powers.

Expert mentioned that the negative view towards China is an interesting example since historically, it stayed within a specific range.

This article was summarized from an article written by Brendan Murray on Bloombery.

Link to the original article:

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